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The name Longeveau evolved from the earlier version Longevau, which signified 'a long valley'. Golf d'Aubeterre is a 9 hole FFG golf course, set at the head of that valley, with views across the Charente and Dordogne countryside. It is a Par 64 (2 x par 32), with a total length of 4,022 metres (2 x 2,011 metres). A short, but challenging course!

1st Hole

From the clubhouse, down past the tennis courts, you reach the first tee. Here you can enjoy a dominant view of the course, with its mature trees and undulating greenery. The 1st hole is a par 4, with a dog leg to the left. Your first shot heads down into the valley, hopefully avoiding the small lake, before hitting back up the other side to the green, protected by a bunker on the right. Big hitters have been known to try and cut the corner, but few can make it!

2nd Hole

A short stroll to the second tee presents you with with what would be a simple uphill par 3, if it wasn’t for the trees that partly obscure it or the bunker to the left, hidden behind a grassy mound. The rough behind is unforgiving and farmland to the left is out of bounds. Better sky it and hope you hit the green!

3rd hole

A short walk past some of the holiday cottages at Longeveau brings you back to the 3rd tee, adjacent the 1st. Another par 4 down into the valley, but offering a completely different challenge. The ditch across the fairway, the small lake to the right, a pond to the left and the line of poplars threatening to catch your ball. Successfully avoiding this, it takes a good second shot to clear the bunker in front of the green while managing to bring it up short enough not to roll off the back.

4th hole

The 4th hole is relatively trouble free. It is a fairly long par 4 and a good drive will land on the upward slope which limits the run on, making this hole play longer than it might seem to be.

5th hole

Cross over the 6th fairway and the lane into Longeveau, to the 5th tee. A par 3 runs slightly downhill, alongside the tree lined lane, with a fairway bunker to the left and another one to the right of the green. The hole reputedly plays left to right, and with out of bounds on both sides, that is the way to play it.

6th hole

Hop back over the lane to the 6th hole, another par 3. An attractive and fairly straightforward hole. Trees on either side of the fairway and two large bunkers guarding each side of the green mean you want to hit it straight!

7th hole

The 7th hole, par 4, is a straight drive from the red tee's but a dog leg from the yellow's. This is the longest hole on the course, especially from the yellow tee's, where you must navigate your way through a gap in the tree line with your first shot, to join up with the red's. Then you have a clear shot back up the hill to the green with your second. Having got up there, the green slopes away from you, punishing any overly enthusiastic approaches!

8th hole

The green of the par 3, 8th hole, is well protected by a bunker right across the front, but is otherwise not too challenging. Avoid the farm to your left and don't upset the bull in the field behind and you should be fine!

9th hole

At last the 9th, a very pretty par 4, needing a drive down between two lines of trees before opening up into a wider fairway. A series of bunkers to the right lead up to the green, which itself is the biggest challenge on this hole, with two very distinct different levels. Hit the wrong level and you are confronted with a difficult put up and over the ‘hill’ hoping that it makes it and doesn’t roll back down again. Or maybe an equally daunting tap back down hoping that your ball doesn’t gather too much speed on the way!

10th hole

Then of course the ever welcome tenth, or the nineteenth for those playing eighteen holes, where a cheery welcome and refreshing drink await you.